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Topics: Daphnia, Heart rate, Caffeine Pages: 4 (1201 words) Published: November 4, 2012
The Effect of Alcohol and Caffeine on the Water Flea: Daphnia Magna

Kristoffer Osuntuyi

Daphnia Magna Abstract:
In this experiment I will find the base heart rate of each water flea. The base heart rate is the control in my experiment. The variables in the experiment are alcohol and caffeine. After finding the control of the first flea I will surround it with alcohol. The second flea will go through the same process as the first flea did, except the variable will be caffeine. The purpose of these two experiments is to see how surrounding one water flea with alcohol and another with caffeine affects each water flea’s heart rate. I believe the Daphnia Magnus (two different water fleas) will go through a similar experience and similar side effects of having alcohol and caffeine in their bodies as humans do. In this experiment a drop of 2%, 4%, and 6% of alcohol will be administered to the first Daphnia Magna. The second Daphnia Magna will have a drop of 1%, 1.5%, and 2% of caffeine administered. Daphnia Magna have a single compound eye, two branched antennae, and they look almost kidney-shaped. They also have a carapace, which is the upper section of the water flea’s external shell. The water flea has leaf-like limbs, in which they produce a current of water and filter food and oxygen to the mouth and its gills. According to some of my research, talking to my father, the Daphnia has a relatively low percentage of body fat; this may affect them the most when surrounded by alcohol. Daphnia Hypothesis:

It is expected that the effects of the higher percent doses of alcohol and caffeine will have the greatest effect on the Daphnia in comparison to the lower percentages. The results will show that there is a limit to how much alcohol and caffeine the Daphnia can withstand before needing the use a control, crashing, or even dying. I believe this to be true because similar symptoms of ingesting alcohol and caffeine happen in us humans. Materials and Methods used in...
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