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Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Cicero Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Paige Wallace
Julius Caesar Vs. Julius Caesar
Shakespeare did a great job in making the historical ruler Julius Caesar and the Shakespeare Julius sound like the same person. Julius Caesar full name is Gaius Julius Caesar and his parents are Aurelia and Gaius Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was one of the most memorable rulers of ancient Rome. He helped all the nobles get their own land and jobs by redistributing everything. I believe he helped the nobles because his family was always wealthy so he knew how the nobles felt. In 85 BCE, Caesar’s father pasted way. A couple years after his father died he had gotten married had children and been a part of a military legate, where he was awarded the civic crown. Julius Caesar was an all-around guy. Julius Caesar isn’t just known for being an historical ruler. He was the first to publish a newspaper; he remade the calendar to 365 days which he added the extra day for the leap year every four years, he conquered Gaul, and his writings were amazing even Cicero spoke good things about his creativity. His most famous masterpiece was the funeral oration for his aunt Julia; sadly some of his work has been lost. Julius Caesar had a great impact on everyone’s life back then. People almost saw him as a God he was so high in power. There are many reasons why Shakespeare could have written the story on Julius Caesar. I believe he wrote the story because he had an interesting life so he wanted to make it a play and it went right on time with what was going on around that time. There had been people saying there were men plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth So for this and other reasons, Shakespeare and his audience would have been interested in the way Caesar died and the motives of his killers. He had always wrote about someone’s climax of their life. It wasn’t unusual he wrote about Julius Caesar’s death because in most of his plays the man focus is on the main characters death. I give Shakespeare his credit for...
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