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Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Automobile Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Haley Yuhasz
Ms. Latevola
English 9
17 May 2013
Texting While Driving
Researchers have shown that texting while driving makes an accident 23-times more likely to happen. Who is texting while driving and what needs to be done to prevent it? Texting while driving is unsafe and most teens are not admitting that they are texting behind the wheel. Only 34 percent of teenagers have admitted to texting while driving and 54 percent of teenagers have admitted to texting while driving. Teens who text while driving increases the risks of accidents by distracting themselves behind the wheel. The consequences of laws are not working on drivers who use their phones while driving, and raising awareness will stop teens from texting while driving.

More car accidents are occurring because texting while driving is distracting teens behind the wheel. Accidents are occurring because cell phones are taking teens minds off the road. Teens are more focused on their cell phones than thinking about everyone else around them. Texting behind the wheel is putting the driver, the passengers, the pedestrians, and the other drivers on the road at risk of harm. Teens are putting everyone at risk of harm when they take their eyes of the road to look for their phones or look at their messages. Cell phones may be distracting teens while driving, but enforcing laws do not stop people from texting behind the wheel.

What are the laws and how are they being enforced? Federal laws have banned texting while driving, but most laws depend on the state or the local government. Laws state that you cannot send or write messages while driving. There are violations against reckless driving and and you can be fined. Current fines are $20 for a first time offense and $50 for a second time offense. As passed, the bill increased those fines to $250 and $500. Laws are being enforced only if a police cites a driver using cellphones while driving. Some states have banned texting while...
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