Texting While Driving

Topics: Text messaging, Mobile phone, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: October 18, 2012
I. Imagine your sister or brother, or mother or father tells you I’ll be right back I’m just going to run to the store. Then stop to imagine receiving a phone call or a knock on your door getting the horrifying news that someone in your family was hurt or even killed as a result of texting while driving. II.

The specific purpose of this speech is to inform you of the dangers of texting while driving.

Thesis statement: Texting is one of today’s most popular forms of communication and while seemingly innocent, the act of texting while driving can also be one the most dangerous and possibly fatal forms of communication.

I. A lot of people have the misconception that texting while driving can only put them in danger, but the fact is everyone on the road and even sometimes off the road is put into danger when someone makes the choice to text and drive. A. In the case of accidents involving texting while driving it is proven that if there is a passenger in the vehicle they are more likely to be harmed than the driver.( so think about that when your best friend is riding along with you and you decide to pick up your phone to send a quick text) Texting while driving can be harmful to vehicles that are on the roadway also. B. Texting while driving can be harmful to cyclist and people who are walking for exercise.

A. A. Consider the emotional damage you can cause to your family or someone else’s family by the choice to text and drive and causing an accident where someone is seriously injured or killed. 1.Taking the time to read a text or to type a text message is the equivalent of driving down the length of a football field blindfolded and while that may sound silly those 4.6 seconds may be the last seconds of someone’s life. 2. Visual Aid

I. Texting while driving is an increasing problem, everyday more and more people make what they think is a simple decision to text while driving and also everyday more...
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