Dangers of Texting While Driving

Topics: Text messaging, Mobile phone, Tram accident Pages: 5 (1957 words) Published: June 5, 2011
Dangers Of Texting
Many people, mainly teenagers, text while driving and don’t think to consider the safety of themselves and others. Some teenagers, just like Chelsea in the Dr.Phil’s, film “Texting While Driving”, come into some near tragic experiences because of texting while driving and still don’t consider what they are doing a safety hazard. Chelsea stated that nothing can stop her from texting while driving. I’m sure she is not the only person who feels that way. Many people enjoy the convenience of texting while driving and that’s all they focus on. Most “texters” don’t look into the fact that if you’re giving the your phone attention, you aren’t giving the road your full attention and you are putting yourself and others at risk of endangerment. Texting slows down reaction time just as if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Studies have been tested in order to prove this, in an article it stated “The new study, which entailed outfitting the cabs of long-haul trucks with video cameras over 18 months, found that when the drivers texted, their collision risk was 23 times as great as when they were not texting.” (Richtel 1) When you text you slow down you reaction time and as stated above the likelihood of being is involved in a car accident becomes much greater. In the public service announcement film titled “Cow” directed by Watkins-Hughes three teenage females were also involved in a tragedy because of texting while driving. Watkins-Hughes and the special effects team Zipline Creative used a lot of drama and realistic details such as blood and screaming along with rapid movement. Even death was incorporated into the PSA to get across to the target audience of teens what actually happens in a car accident caused by texting while driving. In the first scene Hughes was looking to make a connection with the targeted audience of teens. Hughes was strategic in using basic things that teenagers do, he including singing, horseplay, and laughter, along with a teen favorite texting. Hughes also connected the dream that Cassie was having to the accident that would happen in the future using foreshadowing. The dream that Cassie was having was a form of déjà vu because when she haves the accident its going to be like it has already happened. Before the accident Cassie was asleep and dreaming of being drowned in her car from water pouring in through the open vents. Just as the water began to fill up her car her cellphone began to ring. After hearing the ringing in her dream Cassie realized that her cellphone was actually ringing and her friend was giving her a wake up call. When she woke up she got in her car went to gather her two friends. From there Jules who was in the back seat didn’t put on a safety belt. Em who is clearly the rebel of the group, requests to stop at the local liquor store. After purchasing the booze, the three girls go on to a parking lot where there are a lot of guys lined up next to their nice vehicles. The girls continue to drive while checking out the guys making “cat calls” towards them acting as normal teenage girls may act. After leaving the parking lot they keep driving while drinking the liquor. Em the girl in the passenger seat offers the booze to Cassie but she declines. Though she declines the booze, she accepts a text message that is coming through the phone while she is driving. Cassie opens the text and the other two girls tease her in a catty way as when friends are goofing around. Jules leans up in the direction of Cassie and when she notices Cassie going into the oncoming traffic in the wrong direction she believe that she is playing and tells her to “quit it”. Cassie, more focused on the text than driving, doesn’t realize that she in going into the wrong way of the traffic until it is already too late. In the special effects video titled “The Making Of” British Text and Drive Car Crash PSA – Special Effects Breakdown” we learned how during the accident everything...
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