Enhancing Activities to Improve Writing Skills

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If you’re a parent or teacher whose pupil has a problem with writing skills, it can be a frustrating experience. He/she may be falling behind peers in class, getting poor grades and even acting out due to negative feedback, that’s why this study was conducted. The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficiency of writing process in improving written expression skills of Grade IV pupils in Aglayan Elementary School. I.INTRODUCTION

Writing is an important part of our daily lives. It is, however, a difficult skill to learn and master. By getting a head start with some simple activities, you can help your child begin to develop her writing skills at an early age. By doing so, you will be contributing to her future success as a pupil and as an adult while teaching her how to express herself. Whether pupils are writing by hand or on the computer, many assignments and exams require pupils to write short answers or longer essays as a way of assessing what they have learned. As pupils get older, they will be expected to show more sophisticated writing skills, and to complete more sophisticated tasks through their writing. In addition, many colleges and universities require students to write essays as part of their admissions application. Unlike any other skills, writing skills are important universally. They are needed in any field, or endeavor one is. And since there are only two ways (speaking and writing) by which can express one’s feelings, thoughts, desires, and intentions undoubtedly these skills are essential. Everyone should aim and strive to possess and develop these skills. Writing skills are achieved through time and hard work that is also one reason why writing skills are important. Just how gold is — it undergoes extensive, lengthy, and laborious refining process. A.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Writing is the most dreaded activity for my fourth grade students. Not only do they strongly oppose in all forms, they struggle to use the proper mechanics to communicate effectively with a targeted audience. Many factors contribute to the weakness of pupils' creative writing skills. These factors include; the pupil's unawareness of the importance of the writing skills, inexperienced English language novice teachers, insufficient time allocation in teaching and practicing the writing skills, the absence of feedback and standardized evaluation rubrics and writing as a cumulative skill throughout the years. Major difficulties include; language barriers, cultural barriers, emotional barriers, lack of commitment, and lack of ability. On the other hand, writing skills are essential for satisfactory academic progress. Early identification and intervention are critical for preventing the long term negative consequences of persistent writing problems. My frustration with my pupils’ abilities to be effective writers led me to investigate the following questions: 1.How does the instruction applied according to the writing process, effect the pupils written expression abilities? 2.How are the components applied during the application of the writing process approach?

This research is aimed at a playing a significant role in helping pupils to develop their writing skills by urging them to participate in some activities that would improve their writing skills. They will also promote self-paced learning as well as collaborative learning among pupils. The study will be deemed important for the proper recognition of the improving writing skills of the grade IV pupils. Likewise, the findings of this research may prove useful to the following, to wit; To pupils. Having a clearer view and firsthand experience of the teacher's performance, this will further enhance pupil's knowledge of the importance of mastering the basic skills of their competencies so they will make an effort to do best. To teachers. This study may heighten their awareness in identifying the learning tasks that are well...
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