Writing and Research Self-Assessment

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Writing skills are essential elements in a student’s educational career and quite important when considering teaching as a profession. Good writing skills are important in order to write effectively in a clear and concise manner and these skills take time and practice. After having visited and completing the Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial (PearsonEducation, 1995-2010) made available to students through the Ashford University’s Writing Center, the guidelines and steps necessary to researching and writing a research paper are quite helpful and informative, although rather scary when one is not confident in one’s own writing skills. The tutorial is quite useful in assisting students on how to take the necessary steps to avoiding plagiarism and citing work to properly write a research paper. The tutorial enabled me to take the time to review and pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses as to the type of writer I am currently, and by utilizing and implementing these guidelines and steps, they will help me grow as a writer and become more confident and not second-guess my skills.

The tutorial allowed me the opportunity to see where I stand with regards to my writing and research skills. One of the most important skills I possess is my ability to prepare an outline in order to gather my thoughts as to how my paper(s) will be structured. The outline provides a step-by-step process that allows one to touch on the main points of the topic in question and also helps in writing a paper that will be clear, concise, and has a flow, without digressing and not making sense. Everything must be tied together and as stated, have a natural flow from one topic to the next with a conclusion. Another strength is the gathering and collecting of data and information, as well as primary and secondary resources that will be discussed and presented in my work. These are essential elements in planning, organizing, and executing an effective paper that will provide the reader with a...
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