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Guide to surviving the A200 exam

Exams can be daunting but with the right preparation you can remove some of the stress.

Start by thinking about the purpose of the exam and the skills and knowledge it will test.

The A200 exam tests your knowledge of the module and the skills you have learnt during your study. You have already practiced these in your assignments. Part 1 of the Exam tests your ability to analyse a source. You did this in TMA 01 and TMA 03 and in the activities in the module blocks. Part 2 tests your ability write an essay in response to a question. You have practiced this in TMA 02 to TMA 05. Part 3 asks you to answer a question about one of the course themes. You practised this in TMA 06.

The big difference between the exam and the TMA is the time constraint: you have to answer questions that you have not seen beforehand in timed conditions. You can prepare for this by revising the skills and topics that you have studied in A200 and by familiarising yourself with the sort of questions that will come up.

Exam preparation

Familiarise yourself with the exam: study the Specimen Exam Paper and the Advanced Notification of Texts and Topics so that you know how the exam paper will be set out and the sorts of questions that will come up.

Think about the format of the paper and the kinds of essays you are required to write. The A200 Exam has three parts. Each part requires you to write a slightly different type of answer in response to a question. For Part 1 you have to answer a question based on a source. Part 2 requires you to write a traditional essay in response to a question on one of the blocks and Part 3 asks you to write an essay that considers the course themes over two or more blocks of the module.

Use the Advance Notification to focus your revision. This tells you which blocks will be examined in Parts 1 and 2. It also gives you a hint of the topic that will come up in relation to the module themes in Part 3.

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