Connecting Da Dots

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Connecting the Dots

US/101- WEEK 1

Review your Writing Path Builder result in MyFoundationsLab® and what you've learned about online education this week. Respond to the following questions in 50 to 100 words each:
What were the outcomes of your MyFoundationsLab Path Builder?

I mastered two out of three The Craft of Writing and Sentence Skills; I need additional study with punctuation, mechanics, and spelling. The additional areas of study are where I feel my writing could use the most improvement. I will use the MyFoundationsLab Path Builder to assist me in learning to improve my writing skills.  

* How do the skills apply to your academic life?

In my academic life I use written communication in replying to discussion questions, individual work assignments, and communicating with classmates and the course facilitator. Learning to apply the writing skills will improve in the quality of work I produce, it helps the reader to have a better understanding with the document they are reading, and improving the grade I receive on individual assignments.  

How do the skills apply to your professional life?

Applying the skills I learned during my academic study will prepare and assist me in my professional life. I went through business training during my time as a manager for Foot Locker. I learned how important it is to use formal writing when communicating in any type of professional setting. Applying the skills I learn in my academic study will help me compose professional documents for my employer leading to advancement, better benefits, and a raise in pay.

Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not?

I was surprised with the results writing is an area I feel is my weak point. I have a hard time with spelling, punctuation, and sentence forming. Taking classes online I knew was going to be a challenge due to the fact that all work assignments and communication was in the form of writing. MyFoundationsLab Path

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