Prerequisites of Society

Topics: Sociology, Socialization, Belief Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: April 9, 2008
A society is a grouping of individuals which is characterized by common interests and has distinctive culture and institutions. There are nine prerequisites, or necessary components that a society needs to survive. They are a need to reproduce, role assignment, communication, a belief in something (such as money or science), a set of goals, regulation of means, control of affective expression, socialization, and effective control of disruptive behavior by force. These nine prerequisites are essential for maintaining balance and harmony within a society. Like a chain, any of them are broken, the society will crumble.

A provision of adequate relationships to the environment and for sexual recruitment is basically the need to recreate and reproduce. Without reproduction, there would be no reproduction. The problem with that is quite clear. If people do not procreate, the human race would go extinct, therefore destroying the most vital part of society, the people.

In order for a society to be efficient, members need to play a role in it. Everyone needs to do their part to make the society run smoothly. If people just stopped working, how would anything get done? It’s even been proven that when people have a job to do they tend to live longer to complete it.

Communication could be anything from a simple hello to a presidential address. It is what people use to convey their needs, thoughts, and feelings. If people stopped communicating there would be no way to talk to one another.

People need something to believe in. for some, it’s a belief in money, for others, science. Whatever it is, it’s necessary for a society to share common beliefs. It gives the society motivation and something to focus on.

Shared goals are closely tied to shared beliefs. Without them, there would be not common focus in the society. A society needs something to strive for; otherwise there would be nothing to motivate the members to do their part to better the society.

A regulation...
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