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Task A
1.Explain each of the terms:
Speech, language and communication needs
Speech is a form of language that is spoken by using words. Speech refers to: Saying sounds accurately and in the right places in words
The sounds people use to communicate words
Speaking fluently, without hesitating, or prolonging or repeating words or sounds Speaking with expression with a clear voice, using pitch, volume and intonation to support meaning. Language is a way of communication between groups of people using the same dialect, a bonding of word, sounds, gestures used to communicate to each other that all understand. Language refers to speaking and understanding language: Understanding and making sense of what people say

Using words to build up sentences, sentences to build up conversations and longer stretches of spoken language.

Communication is way of talking/exchanging messages to others through written or verbal form, to express emotions, opinions, explain and understand others. Communication refers to how we interact with others: Language is used to represent concepts and thoughts

Using language in different ways; to question, clarify, describe etc. Non-verbal rules of communication; good listening, looking at people

Speech, language and communication need is known as a hidden disability within one or more of the elements named above. The term ‘needs’ refers both to the needs of the individual and to what society can do to support their inclusion. This highlights the individual and the environment in which the child learns’, communicates, lives and plays. Speech, language and communication needs refer to: Minor or temporary needs

Complex and long term needs

2.Explain how speech, language and communication skills support each of the following areas in children’s development: •Learning
Speech, language and communication do not only affects language and communication skills, they can have a profound and lasting effect on children’s lives. Making friends, sustaining relationships, emotional regulation, problem solving and behavioural control are dependent on good speech and language skills as well as learning to read and achieving good academic achievement.

Poor communication is also a risk factor for mental health difficulties and it impacts on the individual’s emotional well-being. As the individual does not understand what they are asked to do or what is expected from them they get very agitated and aggressive and tend to have violent behaviour, feeling useless causing low self-esteem, causes the individual to block whatever they hear as they think they are not capable of doing a specific task they are asked to. Due to these reasons the individual’s further education abilities and employability chances, and skills are affected, as they lose concentration or the determination and ability to strive, thus leading to stressful family circumstances. This includes poverty, lack of necessary needs to live healthily, happily and provide good upbringing, future chances for their children.

3.Describe the potential impact of speech, language and communication difficulties on the overall development of the child, both currently and in the long term. The impact of speech, language and communication difficulties on the individual’s Social interaction are: Children/ young persons may have difficulties with understanding of reciprocity and awareness of the motives, thoughts and feelings of others. Some have withdrawn social interaction styles, others display significant behaviour difficulties. The impact of difficulty in Emotional development and behaviour, some are as follows: There may be behaviour seen in reaction to situations that could be easily resolved through language. Behaviour can be seen as the difficulty and underlying language difficulties can be missed completely The Impact of speech, language...
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