Hcs 320 Week 1 Assignment

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Pre-Class Survey Communication
HCS 320
May7, 2012

Pre-Class Survey Communication
Communication to me is a way to get a message out to sent and received to an individual this can be accomplished in a variety of ways. A deaf person will communicate with their hands in the form of sign language. People also communicate through body language, an example that I can give is if a patient is in pain but unable to speak some will start adjusting their body, closing their eyes, wrapping their arms around the area that is in pain, or even rocking motions. When I am in a bad mood I will start to roll my eyes and my words can be short and sharp, sometimes when I want to be extra attractive to my husband I will walk with an extra pep in my step, smile, and bat my eyes. As we can see from the start communication is done in several ways it does not always have to be expressed verbally it can be done written as well. We have to remember that communication is the purpose of getting an idea across to a group, or a person. The purpose of communication is to attempt to express your thoughts to others and to receive feedback on the idea and point as well. With communication, you want to make sure you have the needed understanding from the group or individual you are delivering it to, this is the only way that you can achieve success without communication there is no purpose. What is classified as good communication? For me I feel that active communication is the key to successfully getting all the information that is being encoded to you. Active listening may need to have clarifying question or restating what was given to make sure that it is being received correctly. An example of active listening that I can provide is when your child comes in and says my “Science teacher hates me” if I was actively listening my response will be “Sounds like you are have a difficult time in Science class.” There are times people have a difficult time trying to get an idea or...
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