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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Pizza Hut

Marketing analysis-5cs


The basic need that seeks to satisfy Pizza Hut is to offer some food to customers, but also Pizza Hut offer variety of products as customers seek greater choice in relation to different types of pizzas, types of pizzas mass, side dishes, too the customers seek facilities that will provide comfort and a staff that treats customers with courtesy and speed, the customers seek innovation in products and they are interested in new types of pizzas, also need services such as delivery, parking and Pizza Hut looking for quality in the ingredients. Customers make decisions in groups or alone, this depends on the situation in which the customer is, when a customer is with your family or friends, they can influence the customer to buy or don’t buy to Pizza Hut, however, when clients are alone, the possibility of influencing decrease and therefore can increase the possibility of buy to Pizza Hut.


Among the company skills are internationally recognized that the brand by the coverage in many cities and the time in the market, this give experience in production and marketing of pizzas, it also offer variety of products like pizzas, desserts, salads and other dishes, also offers product innovation because offer new type of pizza mass, new types of pizza, too offer various types of promotions such as the 2x1 on Tuesday, promotions in familiar lasagna and hut pack bacon and Pizza Hut has a great number of establishments ,this makes that the customers have more access to buy to Pizza Hut because realize less effort for go Pizza Hut establishment.

In conclusion Pizza Hut's strengths are its innovation in products, product variety, variety of promotions, international fame and numerous establishments.


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