Business Information Systems

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  • Published: May 7, 2013
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Information Systems Description Assignment
Business Information Systems 100
School of Information Systems Curtin University 23/7/12 • v4.0

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Table of Contents

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1. General Description of the Information System
Title Pizza Hut delivery information system.

General Description (Overall Function or Purpose) The purpose of the Pizza Hut delivery information system is to transfer customers orders and details to chefs/delivery drivers, to allow for the successful making and delivery of pizza and the storage of delivery payment information. The customers input their pizza orders into the system, and after the transformation processes of the system Pizza Hut receives the store receipts of the transactions that have occurred between delivery drivers and customers.

Users (or Other Information Systems) and Uses 1. Customers- the customers who input their order information and details. 1. order pizza - allows for the customers to choose the many combinations of pizza they would like and allows them to specify were it is to be delivered to. 2. Delivery drivers- use the information from the driver management system to deliver pizza 1. deliver pizza- uses system to acquire price and delivery information. 2. confirm payment- inputs to the system if a transaction has been successful. 3. Pizza Chef/s- The store chefs who use order details to make pizza. 1. make the correct pizza- uses the order information received from the customer to...
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