Pest Analysis of Haleeb

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Haleeb History
Haleeb Foods was established in 1986 and its first product was Haleeb milk. Since then, it has continued to provide quality products to its consumers with product and packaging innovations. Other products and their dates of launch are as follows: 1997| Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee|

1998| Haleeb Cream, Candia Skimz Milk Powder|
1999| Candia Milk, Candia Skimz Liquid Milk|
2000| Tropico Juice Drink, Haleeb Dairy Queen|
2001| Haleeb N'rish Instant Full Cream Milk Powder|
2002| Haleeb N'rish Fortified Instant Full Cream Milk Powder| 2003| Candia Tea Max Dairy Whitener, Haleeb Butter, Haleeb Plain Yogurt,   Haleeb Lassi Drink| 2004| Haleeb Good Day Pure Juice, Haleeb Fun Day Juice Drink, Candia   Candy'Up Flavoured Milk| 2005| Haleeb Cream With Honey, Haleeb Tea Max with Cardamom, Haleeb   Labban, Haleeb Good Day(Mix Fruit, Red Grapes, Maleebango Pineapple)| 2006| Haleeb Reshmi Pack, Candia Classic, Skimz Pouch, Tropico Nectar| 2007| Haleeb Cheddar Cheese|

Haleeb Foods is Pakistan’s number 1 and fastest growing packaged Food Company. As of fiscal 2006, its annual turnover is Rs.9 Billion. Recently, Haleeb Foods has built yet another plant in Rahim Yar Khan whose purpose is to provide Haleeb’s quality products to maximum number of consumers. Haleeb Profile

Building an excellent reputation over the years, Haleeb Foods continues to be at the forefront of product and packaging innovation. By the grace of God, it has achieved market leadership in several food categories with a very strong portfolio, consisting of leading national and international brands – Haleeb, Candia, Dairy Queen, Tea Max, Skimz, Tropico and Good Day. Apart from its extensive nationwide distribution networks, Haleeb Foods is also serving several export markets including South Korea, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the Central Asian states. Haleeb Foods has the distinction of being the first company in Pakistan to use Tetra Pack’s novel packaging...
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