Bb Company Marketing Plan

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I. Introduction

Business is a way of profit earning through legal activities. The most important parameter towards profit making is the presence of an opportunity gap in the market because homogeneous products have a great sense of competition as compared to heterogeneous.

Bananas are vigorously growing, herbaceous plants growing in every humid tropical region. Edible bananas are believed to have originated in the Indo-Malaysian region reaching to northern Australia. They constitute the fourth largest fruit crop of the world, following the grape, citrus fruits and the apple. One-fifth of the crop is exported to Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan as fresh fruit. India is the leading banana producer in Asia, followed by Indonesia and then by Philippines.

We the “BB Company” will facilitate to people by fruit snacks in packets at the reasonable prices and obtain sufficient value from them. Now people enjoy their life with potato chips, popcorns, chocolates, etc. but we will provide them a concept of “Fruit Chips” which will be good for their health. Our initial product will be “Banana Crazee- a Taste of Nature” (banana chips) in the market to get an overall response of people towards Fruit Snacks.

Our product “Banana Crazee”, a modified form of banana chips in the market of snacks industry will change the trend of people from vegetable snacks to fruit snacks. That’s why the slogan of our product is “Banana Crazee –the taste of nature”. In our initial launching we are introducing two products with different tastes to understand the behavior of the market & customer towards the fruit snacks as,

BANANA CRAZEE- SALTIEST- The salty flavor of snacks especially for kids and health conscious people who avoid the high fats and sugar. The neutralized iodized salt will be added in this product for the taste and ultimate flavor.

BANANA CRAZEE – CHILL UP- The chilly flavors of snacks for young people especially for girls who demand something chill in their food. Various kinds on masala’s and magnesium salts will be added in this product for the taste.

We are introducing two packing for both flavors as, mini pack banana crazee 30grams and mini pack banana craze 65garms.

In six to eight years, BB Company will be the biggest banana chips manufacturer in Western Visayas and will contribute to the Philippines banana chips export market with satisfying customer with the taste of nature.


* To offer our dedicated and innovated products to customers to their maximum satisfaction as our ultimate goal. * To be known as the best fruit snacks maker in the country. * To deliver growth along our customers, staff, employees, suppliers and all other business associates by greater value.


A. Strengths and Weaknesses

* Strengths
* Affordable and has reasonable price.
* Align with the pursuit of healthy lifestyle.
* Unique product, good quality, and excellent product taste. * Nature friendly and healthy snacks
* Skilled and well trained management and staff.
* Sufficient capital and revolving fund.
* Package and label product differently to attract even junk food eaters

* Weaknesses
* Small market share
* Conflicts with Suppliers
* Low quality of banana’s

B. Opportunities and Threats

* Political
* Consumers continue to look for indulgent treats when buying their own snacks, something which goes against the government’s aims to improve the nation’s health. * Political instability

* Government banned policies
* DTI and DOST is supportive to entrepreneurs and whole business sector as well as the local government.

* Economics
* Inflation is a problem of all businesses. Although inflation does affect the business in the costing of the raw materials and pricing of the finished...
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