Topics: Woman, Emotion, Marketing Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Berry 1
Haley Berry
Professor Kennedy
English 100: GRC in Media
February 25th, 2013

Rhetorical Analysis
Being a consumer looking at an advertisements they usually look for products that producers and advertisers try to promote to you. Sometimes consumers can not tell what the product is or how the advertisement even relates to the product. Advertisers want to make consumers think about what the product is trying to say to them. The ad is for Downy Infusions, which appears in PEOPLE magazine. People who would normally would read this magazine are late 20s and 30s in age because it has all the updated stories about celebrities’ lives and also important news stories around the country and world. PEOPLE magazine February 15th addition, Downy Infusions is featured on page 115. Even though this ad has to deal with laundry detergent advertisers use emotionals appeals to show how a young, soft, and natural looking women can sell their product.

When young females look at this ad they see a young woman who is walking on a park path in the middle of spring time. The park has what looks like cherry blossom trees and the leaves from the trees are on the path way. In the middle of the page there is text also in the bottom left corner. The product that the advertisers are selling is in the bottom right corner.

Berry 2
When consumers first look at the page they see the text in the middle of the page. The beginning of sentence says, “WHY SETTLE FOR FRESH WHEN YOU CAN BE...” is in all uppercase letters, but once female consumers finish the sentence “UNFORGETTABLE?” catches their eye even more than sentence previous to it. That one word at the end stands out to female consumers because not only is it in all capitalized and bold, but it makes females want to be unforgettable. It makes them think about how if they were to use this product they would be unforgettable to many people because they wash their clothes with Downy Infusions. This one sentence is not the...
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