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Unit 1 Assignment

To receive credit for completing the questionnaire, you need to submit your questions and answers to the dropbox. Follow these instructions to do so:

1. After you have submitted your questionnaire, you will receive an email with a copy of your answers. Open the email and copy all of the questions and answers.

2. Paste the questionnaire questions and answers that you just copied from your email into this document.

3. Save your assignment as lastname_Unit1_assignment.doc.

Paste Your Questions and Answers Below:

Student Questionnaire, Educational Paraprofession

Name *


Email *

Please select the date and term you start class: *

8-01-2012 1203B


For some students, juggling college, work, and family obligations can be overwhelming. In approximately 500 characters, please describe how you plan to balance these responsibilities and what measures you can take to make your education a priority. *

I plan to balance this responsibilities my organizing a scchedule where I have time to do homework. By doing this I will make time a few hours after I get off work and my daughter gets out of school to do any reading or discussion posts that need to be done. I can make education a priority by pushing myself to get on the ccomputer and do my assignments.


Please provide a brief overview of your understanding of the educational paraprofessional profession. *

Well my understanding of educational paraprofessional is learning how to professionally deal with people or even kids. Its a certain way of helping people by giving them advice or even just telling them your opinion or a topic or subject.

Are you currently working in the education field? *

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