Cognitive Processes Paper

Topics: Mind, Psychology, Brain Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Cognitive Processes Paper
Maggie Morrison
December 3, 2013

Three types of cognitive processes
Subliminal perception is believed to be effected by its based finding of mind control, weather it’s one person or group of people. Mind control can be used on a group of people without their awareness. The perception of this idea is to get people to do things that would not normally do. For instance, during the 1950s there was a message that says Drink Coca-Cola which attack many people into trying this product or making them thirsty for a cold Coca Cola. This ad was used enter a person mind while making them thirsty for the item, because the company wants to sell their product (Pratkanis, 1992). This ad was used in order to send a subliminal message to the unconscious mind so they would try the product without knowing they were being control in to doing something they did not want to do. The company strategically is to mind persuade or manipulated each individual into doing what the company what the individual to without them knowing they are being brainwash into doing something new. Once an individual feeds into an ad, the subliminal message has persuaded several individual into trying or buying a new product. Subliminal Perception is a manipulation of thoughts, attitudes, and a behavior which is observes by their awareness of stimulus. Since there is some controversy, there is adequate evidence on how observer’s response can be affected by the stimuli in which they claim how they have not seen. The cognitive psychologist is not predominantly devastating, but the media and the public has responded several times to the notion of subliminal perception. Most people do not think of being subliminal manipulation but we need to determine whether the conditions are reflected within the product. So now each individual is control into purchasing these items without knowing how they were manipulated into making...
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