Societal Effects of New Media Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Viral marketing Pages: 4 (1034 words) Published: February 7, 2011
The advent of new media has allowed advertising to change dramatically in recent decades, morphing from simple and informational into emotional, sensory-oriented and interactive; thus, creating new social implications and drastically altering its impact on an audience.

Methods of advertising have changed dramatically over the decades. The early 1700s through the mid-1800s were the ages of newspaper, magazine, and print advertisements; radio advertising made its debut in the early 1900s; and the 1950s brought television commercials into homes across America (AdAge). These pre-1970s advertising methods had a tendency to be straightforward and informational. This informational type of advertising presented facts to convey its message, which invoked a cognitive evaluation from the audience.

With the arrival of the 1970s, a pivotal change in advertising occurred. Television’s influence caused advertising to move from an informational point of view to a more expressive production. Insert examples. The introduction of cable television allowed advertisers to target specific groups of viewers.

Today, the Internet not only allows seemingly endless ways to reach consumers, it allows advertisers to specifically target their desired audience, creating a more engaging experience and encouraging a more positive response. Internet advertising is capable of targeting individual consumers based on their unique surfing patterns. Specialized advertising is more effective due to the reduction in irrelevant or general content and presenting more targeted, attention-getting material. This evolution in advertising has altered the way in which consumers react to making decisions about purchasing products and services. While informational advertising utilized a central processing route which invoked a cognitive evaluation of the information provided in the advertisements, this new media approach to advertising is emotional and conceptual and thus uses a peripheral route which...
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