Image Analysis. Compare and Contrast

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Image Analysis
Final Draft
A picture is worth a thousand word
Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience to continue or take some new action. But when advertisers produce an ad, they have many different variables that come into play if they want to successfully persuade consumers. The first most important step they have to figure out is, what type of audience they are trying to target. They then create images and intend to appeal specifically to the values, hopes, and desires of that particular audience. This is why someone would rather pick the well-known Malboro cowboy ads over the new female cigarettes of Virginia Slims. Each of these ads targets a specific audience; whichever ad appeals to the consumer the most that is the product that they will be interested in buying.

For example, some advertisers like to target the higher more prestige class. They might also target some middle-class consumers, but mostly go for beyond that. Advertisements like these appeal to the audience that make them feel if they would like to be respected, or better said, accepted, then pick this over that. In such an advertisement, you will see recognized personalities pictured or located in a very prestigious location. This kind of advertising appeals to the need for prominence.

While the needs for prominence involve being looked up to, there is another kind of need that involves being looked at. This type of advertising appeals mostly to women because it’s usually cosmetics and clothing industries that use this technique. Such advertisements have solely a single product that is being sold. In the ad, all eyes are on the product, it is the center of attention. In other words, advertisements of this kind appeal to the consumer’s need for attention.

A classic example of an appeal to the need of prominence can be seen in a Lacoste advertisement. For years, Lacoste has been looked at as a high class,...
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