Subliminal Perception

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“If the grace of God miraculously operates, it probably operates through the subliminal door” William James, American philosopher and psychologist. As the quote suggested we cannot see god’s ability on our life still we believe in miraculous ability of god operation, so the quote says the miraculous ability of the god is through the subliminal door which is below the level of awareness. Another example that can be taken from our daily life for subliminal perception is when you are in your classroom in a break time where everybody is talking but you are talking to your bench friend and listening carefully to him/her, you can still hear other classmates who are talking on the room though your unconscious mind. This is quite simple that even if you are not aware from your conscious mind you are aware of those people talking in your unconscious mind. This is a simple example of a subliminal perception that your unconscious mind perceives. Subliminal Perception is message that people tend to get unconsciously below the level of threshold. A threshold is the level at which you are aware of stimuli, so if something is below the threshold, or subliminal, you are not conscious. Therefore, whatever messages you are receiving might be stored on some part of your brain and you obey them without even realizing it! Generally subliminal perception occurs whenever stimuli presented below the threshold or limen for awareness is found to influence thought feeling and action. (Merikle, 2000). Do marketers intentionally hide the subliminal messages through conscious perception? Subliminal messages are those messages that we subconsciously see them while consciously ignore them. Most of the subliminal messages that advertisers use are related to sex as we are usually encouraged to repress our questions about sex, often to the harm of personal relationships. Advertisers know this and so they use this sort of messages in their visual and aural channels to manipulate us subconsciously. Thesis Statement: My term paper will be mainly focusing on if subliminal perception really works for shaping consumer buying behavior? If yes then is it effective and if no then why advertisers still use this unconscious level of perception? Body Paragraph: Subliminal stimulation of the subconscious mind first came to the attention of the general public in 1957 when market researcher James Vicary conducted a controversial research experiment in a Fort Lee, New Jersey, and movie theater. In this well-publicized experiment, the subliminal messages, Hungry? Eat popcorn. Thirsty? Drink Coca-Cola, were flashed on a movie screen every five seconds, for duration of only a fraction of a second between frames of the Kim Novak movie, Picnic. But still it is a controversy as there is not much evidence supporting the subliminal perception on this issue and also the fact that Vicary never released a detailed description of his study. Despite of many controversies advertisers still uses subliminal perception because they think that at some level these perceptions motivate the consumers to consume the product. The marketers send subliminal messages on aural and visual both the channels. The possible effect on sound that we hear also reflect to the subliminal messages for example, while we listen to the radio we might encounter program that might have a splashy rain and thunder sound, a dark night which creates a feeling of fear. Basically what advertisers are best at doing is hitting our hedonic needs and this is where subliminal perception work by connecting suppressed needs that we do not show. Some of the real hedonic needs or repressed fear is Sex, death, homosexuality and also some aural channel. Conducted 2 empirical studies to assess the effectiveness of sexual embedding (subliminal messages) in advertising. In Study 1, 424 undergraduates viewed and evaluated 2 advertisements (ads) with embeds or...
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