Subliminal Messages and Their Effects on Human Life

Topics: Mind, Ethics, Consciousness Pages: 6 (2305 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Subliminal Messages and Their Effects on Human Life
Ozan Maraşlı
Research Paper

By the significant advancement of technology, the vision and the way of thinking of humankind has been changed uncharacteristically. The word “uncharacteristically” can be counted as a stimulating word to explain the changes clearly due to the seriousness of the circumstance. Because while humans have developed owing to technology, they have started to forget their properties which acquired a humaneness qualification to them and as an obvious consequence of that they have started to be against their nature. One of the best instances of that is “Subliminal Messaging”. The concept is formed by the words “Sub” which means “Below” and “Limen” which means “Threshold”. In other words, it can be named as the messages which are wanted to inject to people’s mind while they are unaware of them. The concept of subliminal messaging has been publicly known since 1957 owing to the book “The Hidden Persuaders” written by Vance Packard. Actually Packard didn’t assert a new method. Because the subliminal messaging has been used for many years as it dated back to 5th century BC (forecasted starting time) by its usage in rhetoric methods. What makes this interesting is its effectiveness, usage areas and unethical, more so the abject side of it. It has a huge potential for abusing people’s feelings, minds and instincts however, some of this potential has already been used. The wondering questions about this subject are “Why the subliminal messages are used? What are the purposes of them?”, “What are the usage areas of subliminal messaging?”, “What is subliminal advertising and how it works?” and mainly “Can subliminal messaging be ethically justified considering its effects on human life?” In this essay, the subliminal messaging will be analyzed in the consideration of these questions. When considering its effectiveness, subliminal messaging cannot be acceptable, because it is very open to abuse as it has already been abused in its widespread usage areas, so that it cannot be ethically justified.

It is possible that a thought can be planted into somebody’s mind by the subliminal techniques. Generally a person evaluates his mind as a safe zone because of the reason that the accessibility of his mind is under control of him. However, one of the most efficient ways to influence people is persuade them to something while they are unaware of it. But paving the way in order to influence people while they are unaware of it, may take some time. During this process, the incidents occur around the mind activities. The mind activities can be analyzed in terms of the levels of consciousness. The levels of consciousness can be classified as 3 groups which are conscious, subconscious and unconscious. The conscious is simply awareness while the unconscious is the socially unacceptable wishes and desires which occur during childhood, as for subconscious; it refers to the mental activities which occur at the circumference of the mindfulness (Klass 148). Not surprisingly, the subliminal techniques center round influencing subconscious and correspondingly unconscious. Conscious has more control over subconscious than unconscious and this can be counted as one of the basic differences between subconscious and unconscious. (Klass 148). This means subconscious is more accessible than unconscious in order to recall the information and to use it by the conscious. So, in the thought instillation process, the virtuosity point is reaching out to the subconscious. The resultant circumstance can is that people accept the injected thoughts as their inner thoughts. Briefly, an idea can be instilled to somebody’s mind as well as it can be shaped in time by using the subliminal techniques. Because subliminal is the easiest way to instill an idea, comparing with the techniques which aim to reach the conscious and the unconscious. Think about a seed; firstly it is planted to the ground,...
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