Topics: Robert Penn Warren, All the King's Men, Political corruption Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Courtney Kendrick
English IV AP-3
All the Kings Men Paper
“All the King’s Men” written by author Robert Penn Warren, takes place in a society with declining morals in 1939 and published 1946. The novel is about a man, Jack Burden, the protagonist and becomes Willie’s “right-hand-man” in doing whatever Willie wants and gets information on others that Willie feels threatened by and uses that information to blackmail people. Other than the corruption that Jack Burden does for Willie, as a reader you are able to see that Jack Burden is a good character who is learning from his surroundings becoming a more wise and moral character. In the beginning of the novel, Jack Burden contains childlike qualities. He believes that Willie is protecting him because Willie and Judge Irwin are the father figure in his life. When Jack realizes that Willie isn’t the right father figure in his life is when Jack gains wisdom and realizes his mistakes and starts to become a man. Closer to the end of the novel when Jack has his realization is when he starts taking responsibility and leaving his Great Twitch idea, that no one person can take the consequences of a single action, he does this by taking responsibility for himself and others. Jack heals from his past hurts to become a better man and develop the morals that their society desperately needs to push through and get rid of all the corruption that Willie Stark brings to their society. The critical essay by Philip Dubuisson Castille, Focuses on the spiritual recovery and sexual healing of the character, Jack Burden, in Robert Penn Warren's “All the King's Men” because of Burden's “problems with male adequacy; Fear of adult women.”

Jack Burden tells the story from his point of view. Jack's narration is in first person but occasionally switches narration to third person as if Jack is speaking about someone besides himself. Chapter four is an instance of Jack speaking of himself in third person. Jack is telling about a...
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