Organizational Behavior - My Company 1

Topics: Motivation, Human behavior, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: February 2, 2013
My Company, Part 1
Sharonda Jenkins
Professor James Hackenberg
Organizational Behavior
April 25, 2012

In the following report, I will provide detailed information about my plans for my company as I take the helm of an established company with 10,000+ employees. I will describe the company and what it does. Secondly, I will also describe the characteristics that I want my key players in the company (yourself, CFO, COO, etc.) to have and how these characteristics impact organizational behavior. Thirdly, I will analyze the motivational theories that have been discussed so far in the course and determine the best ways to motivate my employees. In conclusion, I will setup a rewards program based on performance that is appropriate to my company. Identify the key components of the program and explain why this is the best approach for my company. Describe the company and what it does. The name of my company is Best Foot Forward, Inc. The purpose of my company is to provide superior customer service training to companies worldwide and ensure that each company we train is successful through their deliver of customer service. My ultimate goal and core value is to ensure companies focus their attention on the customer at all times. Customer service is vital for success in today's business environment as well as customer satisfaction. Providing and maintaining outstanding customer service will be the critical difference in your business's success. Customer service relates to all the activities performed in every business, by myself and my employees. It means analyzing these activities and ensuring they are benefiting the customer. More than just handling complaints, providing refunds and smiling at your customers, outstanding customer service means doing everything possible to satisfy your customer. Therefore, customer service needs to be incorporated into a proactive, strategic plan that is applied throughout the organization. It needs to be a part of...
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