Organizational Behavior

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Semester I, 2010-2011

True and False (1 point each)

_____1.Every employee in the organization is individually responsible for the success of change.

_____2.During a conflict, persons should be expected to explain their unintended remarks.

_____3.Political players often rely on outside consultants to further their agenda.

_____4.Visibility is an important power technique.

_____5.Reducing uncertainty assists change, but can create greater individual power.

Multiple Choice.
Three points each.

_____6.When interpersonal problems emerge, your boss brings everyone together to work out problems. He will go along with any solution selected, so long as it is at all reasonable. This style of handling interpersonal conflict can be described as:

a. avoidance.
b. compromise.
c. accommodation.
d. none of the above.

_____7.The sale of your company’s super-computer to one of your major customers has not been progressing well. You are well-aware that the super-computer is a very expensive product. Your customer has given you one last chance to explain the merits of your product. What method of communication would you use to do this explanation? You would:

a. send the customer a well-written letter, and then you would call her up and check if she needs any clarification. b. Make a video-tape in which you explain the merits of your product as clearly as possible. c. Meet with the customer and explain the merits of your product as clearly as possible. d. Send your top sales person for a face-to-face meeting with the customer, and advise your sales person to “get her to listen to you.” e. Take a tough stand, and inform the customer that you have already specified your position, and there is nothing new to add.

_____8.Sam and Sandra are co-employees in a trucking company. In a conversation, Sam tells Sandra: "Joe, is a good man, is likable, knows his job very well, and always appreciates us for the things we do for him. He would punish those who are not considerate of others." Sandra reacted: "Yeah, he's great; I wish he were our manager." Apparently, Joe possesses all sources of a leader's power except __________ power.

a. legitimate
b. reward
c. coercive
d. referent
e. expert

_____9.Krishna supervises the work of a team of design engineers who are required to develop production specifications from rough plans drawn up by the product development group. This is complicated and challenging work that requires considerable creativity and expertise in order to maximize both product quality and efficiency in the production process. Krishna is the team leader because she has the most experience and is the most knowledgeable member of the team. The team has just been assigned a new project. Team members are enthusiastic about the challenge involved, but not completely certain that they have the necessary expertise required. Krishna knows that every member of the team is capable of producing excellent designs on this project, and that they just lack confidence in their abilities. Under these circumstances, Hersey and Blanchard would probably recommend a _________ leadership style.

a. Telling.
b. Selling
c. Delegating.
d. Participating.

______10.In a conversation with Adam, the new production manager, he tells you: "I knew that soon there would be a conflict between us and the marketing people. But, let me tell you, I don't mind it; actually I think conflict is necessary, for it makes us and them to think of new ways to make our operation both more effective and efficient. Of course, I'm sure that any conflict will be resolved to the satisfaction of all of us, and that way we all agree with the solution. They and us are going to be equal partners in resolving any conflicts, and I would like to see that every member of production and marketing agrees with whatever agreement we...
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