Organizational Behavior

Topics: Customer service, Management, Canada Trust Pages: 17 (4480 words) Published: February 10, 2013

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DATE: November 30, 2012

NAME: Jessica Bal, Steve Theophanous, Andrew Demers, Dan Meyer, Rosiel Tang

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
TD Canada Trust Company1
Organizational Structure1
Organizational Culture2
Issue to be Analyze4
Concepts to be analyzed4
Statement of Symptoms & Issues4
Money as a Motivator5
Managing Conflict5
Decision Making6
Mechanisms of Goal Setting6
Statement of Primary Problems7
Analysis of the Situation7
Implementation of Plan11
Works Cited12
Appendix 113
Summary of Interview13
Additional Company Information13
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Executive Summary
The following report applies theoretical OB concepts regarding TD Canada Trust’s organizational behaviour. The report identifies and analyzes symptoms and root problems that occur in retail branches. The information provided in the analysis is used to identify a list of potential solutions, recommendation, and an implementation of a plan to resolve the root problem. The information was obtained through an interview with a Kristine Schmeiss who is a Manager of Financial Services in a retail branch.

Please refer to Appendix 1 for a summary of the interview and additional company information. TD Canada Trust Company
TD Canada Trust is the second largest banking institution in Canada and the sixth largest in North America (TD Corporate n.d.). TD Canada trust offers financial products to personal, small business and commercial clients. They currently service 22 million customers worldwide and employ 85,000 individuals globally (TD Corporate n.d.). The company recently expanded to the United States offering U.S customers over 1,300 locations. As of July 2012, the company held $806 billion in Canadian assets (TD Corporate n.d.). This company is constantly growing as they continuously add new financial services for their customers. TDs mission statement is, “We will be the best run, customer-focused, integrated financial institution with unique and inclusive employee culture” Organizational Structure

TD follows a bureaucracy design because it is based on standardization. There are six elements within the bureaucracy design that will be described in regards to TD’s structure. Tasks within the organization are achieved through specialization and formalized rules and regulations. Employees are given a specific role within retail branches whether its management, administrative, sales or service staff. Each area works together however tasks are completed based on the specialized group an employee belongs to. These tasks are grouped into functional departments within the organization. For example, while the retail branch serves clients face to face, there are other areas in the branch such as investment processing and credit funding that does not communicate with customers at all. They do however assist employees with client applications in order to get the account open for the client. Each area works together but complete different tasks based on the department’s rules and regulations. Authority is centralized where key decision making is concentrated at the top management level of the company. Top management relays decisions by sending the information down the chain of command. TD follows a narrow span of control as a small amount of employees report to one manager. Within one retail branch there are typically 2-3 managers who have specific individuals that report to each of them. Lastly, decision making is made following a chain of command hierarchy. Top management make key decisions and lower level management have more authority to make decisions...
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