Organisational Communication

Topics: High school, Secondary school, College Pages: 11 (3071 words) Published: May 21, 2013
International NGO Journal Vol. 5(8), pp. 194-198, December 2010 Available online at http:// ISSN 1993–8225 ©2010 Academic Journals


The influence of communication on administration of secondary schools in Delta State, Nigeria E. D. Nakpodia
Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, Delta State University, Abraka Nigeria. E-mail: Tel: 08033862036. Accepted 31 August, 2010

This study investigated the extent to which communication affects administration of secondary schools in Delta State. It is a survey study based on ex-post facto design. The researcher raised some questions and formulated three hypotheses were tested using z-test to guide the study. The target of the population of the study was 320 public secondary school principals and 9608 teachers in the state. The researcher sampled 30 (9%) principals and 650 teachers (3%) through simple random sampling technique. The instrument was validated in its face and content values. The researcher made some findings that there is a significant difference in the influence of communication on the administration of secondary schools, using school location, sex and experience as the independent variables. Conclusions and recommendations were drawn from the findings that in communication process principals should know that communication can never be over-emphasized in the daily running of the schools; as a result, principals should ensure that communication is effectively carried out to enhance discipline and to maintain law and order. Key words: Communication, administration, secondary schools, Delta State, Nigeria. INTRODUCTION Communication system in any organisation like the school is very vital to the survival and smooth running of the organisation. Through the use of language, mankind has been able to record past history and to transmit its culture from one generation to the other. This transmission exercise lies on communication process without which managerial, administrative and academic functions will not be possible in the school. In fact without effective communications, organisations will not be what it is, and functions will not be carried effectively towards goal achievement, with the use of communication, man has helped himself or herself to build societies and other social groupings, which contribute to his survival and to more enjoyable patterns of living. In all organisations, the transfer of information from one individual to another is ansolutely necessary (Onyeiwu, 1984). It is a universal activity in one form or another between people at all times in their lives with the exception of a few religious orders. Within an organisation it is formalised as social interaction and is measured by its total amount, its frequency, which initiates it, the degree of reciprocity and its directions, upwards, downwards or sideways, among the members. In all organizations, the transfer of information from one individual to another is absolutely necessary. It is the means by which behavior is modified, change is effected, information is made productive and goals are achieved. It could be seen that without communication, the organisation cannot exist, for there is no possibility of others. Communication from the viewpoint of Koontz et al (1984) “is to effect a change, to influence action towards the welfare of the enterprise; and as such the need for an effective channel of communication becomes imperative for the attainment of the organisational goals. To them, communication is the means by which people are linked together in an organisation. The standpoint of Lesikar (1974: 4) on communication is that… It is the ingredient, which makes organisation possible. It is the vehicle through which” the basic management and administrative functions are carried out. Managers and administrators direct through communication; they co-ordinate through communication; and they staff, plan and control...
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