Eda 577 Module 4

Topics: Education, School, Leadership Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: July 11, 2011
In a school, as is the case in any organization, the efforts of individuals and groups must be coordinated, and communication is a powerful tool in that process (Green, 2009). Standard one requires school leaders to be able to develop, articulate, implement, and provide stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community (Standard 1). It is very important that educational leaders develop a vision that is shared with all the stakeholders. According to Green, communication allows the educational leader to share his roadmap of what is to be done to ensure academic success of the school. In the daily operation of schools, educational leaders not only communicate by sending out messages, but they also receive, monitor, review and redirect messages to the various stakeholders. Educational leaders in today’s schools depend on communication to progress their standards and rise above labeled statistics.
Educational leaders are expected to be role models for all stakeholders of the community. There are many forms of communication that are used by educational leaders to accomplish this task. Schools primarily interact with parents through memos, newsletters, individual mailings, volunteer activities, field trips, PTA, and phone calls. At my school, it is no different. Communication may be spoken face-to-face, over a public address system, in a telephone conversation, or it may be written in a letter, a memo, or email. My administrator even uses his cell phone to text when an urgent message must be sent out. He has learned to take every opportunity to communicate with his staff in any way that will produce efficiency. An administrator not only has to be able to communicate with his stakeholders but he also has to be able to understand them and their needs. Because of the body language that is used, these forms of communication have been very effective. Hand movements, eye movements, and facial expressions are all...
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