Meaning and Concept of Student Personnel Administration

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Meaning and Concept of Student Personnel Administration

Student personnel administration is interested in studying those services and activities that will make the student perform better academically, socially, mentally, etc. it is therefore interested in discussing the services or treatment that will be meted out to the students so that they can contribute maximally to academics, to their school and to the larger society. This explains why this is a very important area to the student. This area of administration has to X-ray therefore the type of facilities to be provided for the students so that they achieve maximally the objectives of education which will ultimately them good and useful citizens and so become worthy ‘ambassadors’ of their country.

Each school system and each individual school is expected to make important policy decisions with respect to the administration of student personnel. These policies are very important because they define many important relationships between students and the education programme. Teachers do disagree often time with one another on some student personnel polices. Parents also do disagree with one another and with teachers concerning certain policies.

Accordingly, there is no area of education in which there is

greater need for the development of consensus of both parents and teachers than in the area of student personnel policies.

Importance of Student Personnel Administration
Administrators and teachers ought to consider the following administrative operations involving student personnel: 1. Census of student population and estimates of student population both long-range-and short-range, must be made. 2. Students must be registered in a school and in a grade, class or subject. 3. Classification policies must be established before students can be registered. 4. Students are evaluated periodically and usually given marks. 5. Reports of students’ progress are given to parents periodically e.g. termly or sessionally. 6. Students usually are promoted at the end of the year or session. 7. Students’ records must be kept.

8. Students require guidance and counseling services.
9. Students sometimes must be disciplined and or rewarded. 10. Placement and follow-up services should be furnished
11. Students’ personnel services need to be provided in order to facilitate the operations listed above.

Student Population
Both long-range and annual estimates of student population must be made. Long range estimates of student population are made primarily for the purpose of anticipating the need for school plant facilities. Long range estimates are particularly important in school systems that are either rapidly increasing or declining in school population. Estimates of student’s population should be made for at least five to ten years in advance.

The estimates for the succeeding school year should be made rear the closing date of the preceding school year. This annual estimate is necessary for the following reasons: a) It is necessary to know the educational load in order to prepare the budget. b) Shifts in population may require shifts in the attendance boundaries of individual schools. c) Transportation routes must be planned for the succeeding year. d) Teachers must be employed for each school:

e) It may be necessary to make emergency housing provisions at certain school centres pending the construction of permanent facilities. f) Principals need to know the student load to be assigned to their schools in order to make requisitions for supplies of textbooks, and other instructional materials. g) The secondary school principal needs to know the approximate registration in each subject in order to provide staff with the appropriate qualifications and experience. h) Knowledge of the approximate registration in each secondary school subject is essential for schedule making....
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