Teaching Kids in the 21st Century

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Teaching Our Kids in a 21st Century Economy Assignment

This text us about the many challenges we face in education today. The author of this text specifies proposed plans in changing this and giving our kids a better 21st century education.

Who is the audience?
The audience of this text is educational leaders. Ex. (Board of educations, Principals, Superintendents, School and district administration, etc.) How do I know this is the audience?
The speaker says many things throughout this text that parents and educators can understand. The author is mainly speaking to our educational leaders though. The solution that the author provides to our problems in education can only be implemented by those that our leading our educational field. Parents and other educators can have say and try to have this implemented, but it is solely up to our leaders to bring about this change. Educational leaders are the ones that have the final say on how their schools and districts are ran. The author proposed how school would become part of “innovative districts”. Schools can only become part of this if it is mandated by our educational leaders who can make such decisions for the betterment of our children in providing them with the 21st century education. That is why the audience of this text is educational leaders. What is the purpose?

The purpose of this text is to persuade our educational leaders that they should have their schools and districts become part of “innovative districts”, which will supposedly give our students more of a 21st century education.

How do I know this is the purpose?
I know that this is the purpose because the author provides many harsh, yet true facts about education. He uses lots of logos such as facts, statistics, and examples with further emphasize on the purpose. These can be believed because through the authors’ ethos he shows that he has knowledge on this information and even gives very credible resources for finding...
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