Reforming Public Education Visual Outline

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Reforming Public Education in America

Visual Outline
Corrie Broughton
Western Governors University
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Reforming Public Education in America
1. The world around American school children is changing, but the public school system is failing to keep up with all the changes. Many programs that are in place were great 50+ years ago but now true reform is needed. A. The United States used to have the highest standards in the world for education. B. With so many budget cuts, the education of American children is suffering. There is little money for updated textbooks, new technology, and even to updated buildings. Many teachers reach into their own pockets to supply their classrooms even with the basics of paper and pencils. C. Taxes should be paying for world-class education in America, but the government is not using those dollars wisely. School district boards are in complete charge of how the money is distributed to each school. Not all schools will receive the same amount, some will get more and some will get less. 2. The public education system needs change. Children are getting further and further behind in math and science when compared to other countries. The No Child Left Behind law has some good goals but those goals are hard to achieve because the standards are set too high. It’s hard to judge what the standards are because each state has their own test for student achievement. A. Very little money for schools means no new textbooks or technology available to students. Cut backs also mean no counselors or school nurses on campus. Additionally, school buildings do not get much-needed repairs. B. Student/teacher ratios are too high. Teachers cannot give individual attention to students, and students struggle with keeping up with the curriculum. Poor performing teachers make the same amount of money as a good teacher. Tenure and the teacher’s union protect all teachers from...
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