The Relationship of Communication and Management

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The Contextual Relationship of Communication and Management

This essay will discuss the topic of communication as it relates to management. It will assert that the circumstances which surround the concept of communication as it relates to management is absolutely contextual; successful outcomes of either persuasion are entirely interdependent. This essay will substantiate and illustrate this topic and assertion using relevant academic literature supported by appropriate empirical research and examples. Two definitions of communication are used; by Robbins et al (2011, p.326) and Croft (2004, p.1). Management is described by Robbins et al (2011 p.4) who says establishment of an organization is a condition precedent to management and ‘manager’ is necessary to ‘operate’ management. . Walter Kiechel (2012, p.1) provides an interesting insight as to how in 1886, the concept of management justified a classification as one of the modern arts. (Bring Kiechel’s comments into early part of main body of essay) The prime source of teaching philosophy drawn upon in this essay is that adopted by the globally recognized teaching institution, University of Tasmania; it is found at Robbins et al (2011, pp. 1-392). This and specific research at (Robbins et al 2011, p. 326) identifying at least eight barriers to effective communication has lead to statements that uncertainty surrounding human behavioural patterns can impugn upon effective and efficient communication. This essay will canvass these statements and point the way to positive organizational outcomes where successful communication will relate to successful management outcomes. (End of introduction)

In the matter of communication, the main references used, (Croft 2004) and Robbins et al 2011) identify many factors that identify influences, both internal and external, that impugn upon effectiveness and efficiency between sender and receiver in the communication process. Of paramount interest in the construction...
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