One Machine in Cement Production Industry - Cment Packer

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The cement packing machine is mainly used for packing cement in bags, or other fluit powdery material's bagging work. Except manual sidekick, baggs can't fall off unless the bulking load reach centain amount. The machine can stop immediately when bag happens to fall of suddenly. It can charge load without compressing air, which reduces the packer damadge caused by damaged pneumatic components. Most of the cement packer is divided into fixed and rotary.

The work of running processes

1). Start the operation steps: The circular telegram - starts the belt fastener - start the packer - start the feeding engine - to insert the bag - to fill installs - measurement - fall the bag .

2). Engine off step: Closes the feeding engine - emptying the cement in the packer - switch off the total power source .

Entire operation and routine maintenance

1). Before driving, we should pay attention to the scene environment, eliminating the influence work the obstacle,forbidding other personnel to close to the rotary packer besides inserts the bag .

2). Before driving, we should inspect the electric appliance part earnestly, the velometer knob position in 0, the turn clockwise knob accelerates to need the rotational speed gradually, each minute engine off must by all means make the velometer return to knob 0.

3). Inserts the bag ,the body and the machine must maintain the suitable distances, preventing to bump into and injure.

4). When fills installs, we does not permit the hand to press, the foot kicks the cement bag, in order to avoid influence measuring accuracy.

5). When the operation appears failure ,emergency stopping maintenance , cutting off power supply, , listing alerts or the specialist care.

6). Packer of grounding protection wants safely reliable,and regularly test ground resistance .

7). When the belt suddenly stop , they should immediately cut off the cement packer rotary power to scratch-resistant package .

Mobile crusher:...
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