How to Pump Gas in Your Car

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How to Pump Gas in Your Car

It is essential for people driving a vehicle operated by fuel to have gas in their car. Without gas, your vehicle will not run. This could leave you stranded or unable to go the places you would like to go. Below are the instructions on how to pump gas into your car. There is no special knowledge or skills necessary.

Equipment and Materials Needed
-a fuel operated vehicle
-a gas pump
-a method of payment (cash, check, credit, or debit card)
-gloves, if needed

1. When you realize your gas tank is getting low, or your “low fuel” light turns on make plans to stop at a gas station as soon as possible. 2. When arriving at the gas station make sure to see what side of the car your gas tank is on and pull into the desired pump. *This can be done by actually looking at the car from the outside or looking at the gas gauge. Several cars have an arrow near the gas gauge that tells you what side of the car your gas tank is on.

3. Once you have pulled up to your desired pump, put your car in park and turn off your engine. 4. Get out of your car and open the gas tank door. 5. Remove your gas cap.
6. Select your method of payment: pay at the pump or pay inside. 7. Choose the type of gasoline recommended for your car. Cars most commonly use Super Unleaded, while larger trucks may use diesel. It is very important to use the correct type of gasoline in your vehicle to avoid any damage to your engine. If you have questions as to what gas to put in your car please read your car’s manual. 8. Remove the pump handle from the station pump and put the nozzle in your car’s gas tank. 9. Squeeze the trigger on the pump handle so the gas will begin to flow into your gas tank. **WARNING** Static electricity can ignite gasoline vapors: Stay near your vehicle and try not to re-enter your vehicle while fueling if possible. Also avoid using a cell phone while fueling your vehicle....
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