Occupational Safety and Health

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Ergonomics, Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 Pages: 5 (1308 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Task A
1. A description of four different exemples of accidents and/or sudden illness that might occur: severe bleeding, cardiac arrest,choking and difficulty of breathing, fractures andd suspected fractures 2. An outline of the procedure to follow if an accident or sudden illness should occur.

Severe bleeding:you will need to apply pressure, if possible, use a sterile dressing. You will need to apply direct pressure over the wound for 10 minutes. If there is any object in the wound, do not try to remove it. Lay the casualty down and raise the affected par if possible. Make the person confortable and secure.Call for the senior registered nurse to assess the severity of the injury.

Cardiac arrest:check whether the person has a pulse and whether they are breathing. If not, call for urgent help from a senior registered nurse who will assess the need for summoning emergency services. Start methods of resuscitation if you have been taught how to do it.

Choking and difficulty of breathing:ensure any dentures are removed,sweep the mouth to clear any food,vomit.Try to get the person to cough. If is not effective, bend the person forward,use the hell of the hand to give up to five flows sharply on the back between the shoulbers blades. If this fails, use theHeimlich manoeuvre or abdominal thrusts. You should alternate backslaps and abdominal thrusts until you clear the obstruction.

Fracture and suspected fractures:the most important thing is to support the affected part. Help the casualty to find the most confortable position. Support the injured limb in that possition. Take the person to hospital or call the ambulance 3. A list of the principles to be followed for safe moveing and handling: avoiding hazardous manual handling ,conducting a full risk assessment of load, task, environment and individual ,reporting immediately any difficulties ,adhering to agreed working practices ,using equipment correctly

4. An explanation of why it is important to follow the care plan and communicate with each individual when assisting and moveing: to understand individual’s needs and preferences, to meet individual’s needs and preferences, to move the individual safely and correctly, to involve individual as an active participant in process, to minimise injury to individual, self or others, as a way of ensuring that move is comfortable for the individual

5. An outline of staff responsibilities for medication in a social care settings:keep the medication safely,corectly,to ensure it is administered correctly 6. A brief description of the agreed procedures for:obtaining:trained and authorised Storing: in correct and labelled containers only, under correct conditions as per instructions, in a secure area

Administering:trained and authorised

7. An explanation of why the social care workers accompanying the individuals on the outing should have specialist training before each of the following: -carrying out emergency first aid: you can do further damage to a casualty by attempting to carry out tasks you have not been trained for,to comply with health and safety legislation, to preserve life

-assisting with moveing and handling: to comply with legislation, to minimise injury to individual, self or others, to safeguard own and others health and safety, to apply agreed working practices, to use equipment correctly

-handling medication: to comply with legislation, to ensure it is administered safely, to ensure it is administered correctly , as workers are accountable for their actions

Tasc B
1. A list of the laws relating to: -general health and safety in the settings(health and safety executive-HSE,health...
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