Nvq Level 2 Unit 1

Topics: Communication, Nonviolent Communication, Confidentiality Pages: 3 (642 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Unit 1
Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care

Identify nine different reasons why people communicate and give an example for each reason.

1 to express there needs, to explain to people exactly what it is that they need and why. 2.`to share ideas – people learn from each other by sharing ideas this can help resolve a problem or situation. 3.to reassure – if people do not communicate they can feel unsure, it is important to diffuse rumours by communicating effectively with people so that they are sure of a situation, this will have a positive effect on morale. It is also important to re-assure people that you are listening and understand what they are saying. 4.to express feelings – to let people know if you are, happy, sad, angry or confused. It could be that you have mixed feeling or are unsure. 5.to share experiences – a work colleague could share an experience of a similar position/case that you are in/working on. 6.to ask questions – people don’t always give you the answers you need without you asking questions, you can ask open answer questions that require more than a yes or no answer. 7.socialise – this form of communication is usually relaxed, where you will talk socially to people about things that have happened in your week, or about a holiday or what is in the news. People will laugh and joke together. 8.to build relationships – through communication people get to know each other, there needs and build trust. 9.Information – to pass information between people

Identify 5 ways communication can help you in your work and why

1. To enable service users to develop a relationship in which they feel confident to share there thoughts and feeling with you, they feel you are listening to their needs and understand their situation. 2. Effective communication prevents mis-understandings and people know exactly what is expected from them. 3. Supports the development of own needs and knowledge, by talking to work...
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