Nescafe Marketing Report

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Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to build profitable Customer Relationships in

Submitted to
Shabnaz Amin
Department of Finance
Facultyof Business Studies,
University of Dhaka

Submitted by Farhana Salim -12-028 Ummey Salma Nazneen -12-030 Chowdhury Shifuddin Mahmud -12-135 Sohaib Hasan Chowdhury -12-145

17th of November, 2007

Letter of Transmittal

November 17, 2007

Shabnaz Amin
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka.

Dear Madam,

As per our course requirement, we are presenting our report on marketing strategy followed by a well known, world’s one of the largest food manufacturing Brand “Nescafe”. Its product is available in nearly every country around the world. We are grateful to you for selecting this topic. This topic has given us the wonderful opportunity to work with this multinational Brand. Beyond any doubt it has enriched our knowledge and increased our experience. This report enabled us to get acquainted with the real life business environment and the strategy adopted by the organization to deal with various problems regarding partnering to build customer relationship. We hope you will appreciate our sincere effort.

We have tried our level best to gather and show all necessary information relevant to the topic. Our report may suffer from some unintentional mistakes due to our inexperience. We hope you will consider our inexperience and this report will meet the standard of your judgment.

Sincerely yours

Farhana Salim
Ummey Salma Nazneen
Chowdhury Shifuddin Mahmud
Sohaib Hasan Chowdhury


We acknowledge our heartiest gratefulness to all who have extended their hand of co-operation in preparing the report. At first we express our gratitude and acknowledge our indebtedness to our relevant course teacher Shabnaz Amin for her overall co-operation, guidance, advice, and support in discharging our responsibility consciously and preparing this report.

We also acknowledge the help of all of the employees of Human Resource Department of Nescafe. Especial thanks to Mr. Ariful Islam and Mr. Ashrafe Ahmed, without their help it was difficult for us to prepare this report. They have really given us time, were never annoyed by our never ending questions to know their confidential strategy.

Finally we greatly appreciate the co-operation and help we have received from our fellow students and others.

Executive Summary

According to OXFORD dictionary strategy means ‘The use of a trick in order to succeed in some purpose’. And trick is always confidential. So it was our first task to convince the authority to give us information. It is now clear that we were successful. We also studied our text closely to learn how a strategic plan is developed and worked in the field.

We have selected Nescafe because they are around 92% coffee supplier of Bangladesh. They are also a part of world’s one of the largest food manufacturer. In Bangladesh they produce 330 tons of Coffee annually. In Bangladesh their competitors are- Ban Coffee, Valentino Coffee, MacCoffee and Pele Coffee. Their primary target was to win the heart of young generation. After successfully doing this they have now targeted the mass people of Bangladesh. Their recent strategic plan is based on it.

They are designing their packets and sales promotional programs to compete with tea, as tea is the main refreshing drink in Bangladesh. They are also trying to change the mass people habit of drinking tea. With various promotional activities Nescafe is trying to...
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