Indian Luggage Industry

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Brand management Pages: 43 (7699 words) Published: April 14, 2012

Travel Equipment Market


Shalabh Kumar Arora

Himanshu Talwar

Mayank Dubey

Pranay Sharma

Naval Taneja

Mohkar Kunal

Industry of Travel Equipments

“An Analysis of the Product, Place, Price & Promotion Strategies of VIP, Samsonite & Safari in India during 2006-07 and Recommendations thereof”

ICFAI Business School Bangalore

Group 5

Date: 18th December 2007

“The report is submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirement of MBA Program of ICFAI Business School”


It has been a great pleasure for us to work on the project that was given to us. The topic that was given to us was ‘Analysis of Travel Equipments’.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Viaswanath our lecturer in Marketing Management for giving us an opportunity to do this project whereby we were given an exposure to the market for Different Products and their Brands which helped us to increase the span of our knowledge and developed our thinking on more practical lines. We thank him for his guidance and support throughout the time when we were working on our project.

We express our sincere thanks to the Dean, Dr. Lata Chakraborthy for giving us an opportunity to go forward with this project and providing us the guidelines on which to work.

We also thank our Director, Prof T.R. Venkatesh without whose constant support we would not have been able to make it.

We would also like to thank every member of our team who has worked hard through every stage of this project right from collection of the data to compilation of the final project.


Executive Summary07

Indian Luggage Market09

Critical View of the Luggage Industry11

Per 199712

Post 199713

Environmental Scanning14

1 Technological Environment14

2 Social Environment14

3 Economic Environment14

4 Political Environment15

Porters Model16

Major Players in the Organized Sector22


1 Product Portfolio24

2 Objectives28

3 Segmentation29

4 Distribution Network29

5 Product Differentiation30

6 Positioning30

7 Strategy31

8 SWOT Analysis36

Competition from Samsonite & the Unorganized Sector38

1 Critical Aspects42


1 Brand Portfolio44

2 Products Lines and Width45

3 Distribution Network48

4 Positioning49

5 Segmentation49

6 Product Differentiation49

7 Business Strategy of Samsonite50

8 Swot Analysis of Samsonite50


Products & Pricing52

1 Packs52

2 Luggage52

3 Business Gear53

4 Shoulder Bags54

5 Tote Bags54

6 Places and Promotions55

7 Push strategy55

8 Pull Strategy55


Executive Summary

rief Insight into Indian Luggage Industry

The luggage industry in India is currently undergoing a consolidation phase. Competition in the sector is expected to intensify with the entry of foreign players like Delsey of France. Companies with good research and development facilities are expected to survive while others may end up as contract manufacturers for the bigger players. The luggage market comprises of three segments namely the premium segment with 15% of total market share, the popular segment and the standard segment....
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