Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Rebecca Laura Frodsham

Candidate Ref: 41643

Tutor: Alana Clough

Module: Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

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The purpose of this report is to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviour that is required to be an effective HR practitioner. Looking at different areas, such as insight, strategy and solutions, leading HR. I will then look at the professional area of service delivery and information and look at the activities and knowledge that relates to my current HR role and why.

I will also look at the most effective ways for communication as an HR professional within my current organisation, and also the most effective ways to deliver a service. Looking at time management, budgeting and problem solving.


A variety of research has been carried out to produce this report. This includes the following methods:

Company Website
Company Handbook
CIPD website
My Human Resources Profession Map.

Findings of the report

This report outlines the skills, knowledge and behaviour that each HR practitioner requires to be effective. The findings of this report show that to be an effective HR practitioner you must have the following skills: Good time management

Effective Communication skills
The ability to prioritise tasks
Understand when to be empathetic
Solve problems quickly
Strive to deliver satisfaction
Resolve complaints effectively.

Activity One

The HR map is a tool that helps any HR professional fill in their details of their current job role and discover areas in which they progress. The HRPM recommends areas for the individual to concentrate to progress in HR, going from band 1 to band 2,3 or 4. I chose to study band 1 as I felt that this would be the most relevant to my current role. I chose to look at the core areas, insight, strategy and solutions and also leading HR. I then chose service, delivery and information as my specialist professional area. I chose this area as I felt it was most relevant to my role and the purpose of my organisation. The HRPM registered me as a band 3 in this area, this was not suprising as Service delivery and information is a key part of my role each day, I provide HR services to internal and external clients.

Many of the activities highlighted in the area of service delivery and information where closely matched by my activities in my current job role. There were a couple that I found were essential to my role, these where: Utilise technology to collect and analyse service performance data in order to provide management information on service levels. It is part of my role to ensure that each external customer receives a survey so that they can give feedback in relation to are recruitment service. This information is received and sent to both the directors and the individual consultant so that they can address any issues or give reward where due. It is also part of my role to send out surveys to our internal customers to see how HR and different areas can provide a better service. This also helps to establish what the consultants need so that they are more effective on a daily basis. We will then look at the results and create a proposal for our Managing Director. Strive to deliver service excellence, customer care and have a strong customer service ethos. The organisation that I work for provide a recruitment service, it is important that the company retain their customers for repeat business. This means that the whole service has to be excellent. Thr service that HR provide to our internal customers is also detrimental, if our consultants are happy then the overall service will be better.

The knowledge that I felt was similar to what is required in my role is as follows: How to deliver service excellence and deal with and diffuse difficult customer situations in a service centre setting. In my role I look after a great...
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