Is Greenwich Peninsula an Example of Successful Urban Redevelopment?

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Is Greenwich Peninsula an example of successful urban redevelopment?

Interpretation and QWC - 9 Marks

|Level 1 |1-3 marks |The candidate gives a brief description of their findings. Some basic reasons | | | |may be offered for these findings. A limited range of specialised terms is used.| | | |Reasonable accuracy in the use of spelling, punctuation and grammar is evident. | |Level 2 |4-6 marks |The candidate describes and attempts to analyse results by means of basic | | | |numerical data manipulation. Conclusions are drawn relating to the original | | | |purpose of the investigation. A good range of specialist terms is used | | | |appropriately. Considerable accuracy in spelling, punctuation and grammar is | | | |evident. | |Level 3 |7-9 marks |The candidate describes and analyses the findings in detail. Valid conclusions | | | |are reached in relation to the original purpose of the enquiry. A wide range of | | | |specialist terms is used appropriately. Ideas are expressed clearly, logically | | | |and fluently with accurate use of spelling, punctuation and grammar. |

Is Greenwich Peninsula an example of successful urban redevelopment?

1) Is the development successful?

- Consider: brownfield, redevelopment, service provision, public transport, sustainability and employment (has the cycle of decline been broken?)

- Use your results/figures/detail to support your answer:

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