Mkt421 Marketing Mix Paper

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing plan Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Marketing Mix Paper
Brian Morales
MKT 421
October 15, 2012
Kim Houseman

Marketing Mix Paper
Nowadays, for a company to be successful in the business world one must have a good marketing plan to be successful. One way to accomplish a successful business plan is to use something known as the marketing mix or the four P’s of marketing. These four P’s of marketing are known as the product, place, price, and promotion. If one uses these four P’s one will notice that each of these cover their own part in marketing, which will help make a successful marketing plan. In this paper one will see what each of these four P’s are in marketing. Also one will see how each of these four P’s is used in the marketing plan for Dutch Bros Coffee. To start with, one will first get a little description of the company that one is dealing with. The company one will be looking at is the company named Dutch Bros Coffee. This company was found in 1992 by two brothers named Dane and Travis Boersma in Grants Pass, Oregon (Dutch Bros Coffee, 2012). This company started In Oregon and has expanded to seven states on the west coast (Dutch Bros Coffee, 2012). This company is an organization that exists in the retail customer service atmosphere. It is also an organization in the coffee industry. Dutch Bros is a drive through coffee shop that takes much pride in how fresh their coffee drinks are as well as how rapidly the service that each shop gives. Since, one got a brief description of the company that one will relate the information to one will get to see how each P relates to this company. The first P on hand is the product. The product is the product or service that the company is offering to the customer who is being target (Quick MBA, 2010). The main product that Dutch Bros is known for is the coffee or drinks that the shops makes. The stores offer many types of signature drinks as well as drinks not on the menu. The company offers these drinks iced, hot, or blended. Dutch Bros...
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