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Topics: Lake Tahoe, Resort, El Dorado County, California Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Show and explain your original ad; why you chose it and how the message sticks and why.

Lake Tahoe Ski Resort
Not one mountain. Many. Not a few lifts. Hundreds.
There are 7 ski resorts, each with its own personality.
The fun is for everyone, a children’s center that
Offers full- and half-day ski or snowboard sessions
with surface lifts for beginners. Plan your getaway now.

Since I currently reside in Nevada what better getaway to choose than the one in my own backyard Lake Tahoe as a sports’ resort. This place is amazing not only during the snow season but all year with it’s beautiful lakes and mountains. I tried to summarize in a way that would capture the reader’s interest and just with the picture alone it draws your attention. Then explain what other publications you might recommend for this ad placement as well, after market testing it and why. This ad would be good in any travel magazine for people who like to plan vacations. It’s also known for having celebrity sightings so this ad could be placed in the tabloids. After it were to be market tested I’m sure it would gain a lot of attention because the preview of the picture in the ad just takes your breath away and makes you want to visit Lake Tahoe. There is so much this place has to offer from the mountains to the lakes it’s family friendly and great for camping. What audience will this appeal to? Will your other publications recommendations appeal to the same audience demographic? I really think that this resort will appeal to all audiences because it can be a couple’s trip or a family vacation. It’s a diverse location because it’s known for the snow in the winter months but it’s also gorgeous in the summer months with the crystal blue lakes. All athletes/sports enthusiasts would enjoy this resort but it can also be for the everyday person being completely affordable. Just think of all the other possibilities like fishing, boating, jet skiing, and so many more. There is even a...
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