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Brad Ogden
Mr. Buffington
English 104

There is nothing more beautiful than being a part of a community. A community is a group of people with a common interest or goal who interact with each other and unite together to make what they stand for special (Students, English 104, 2011). A community can be a school, a city, a team, or simply a hobby that is shared and enjoyed together. There is a community for almost anything and no matter how big or small it is, it means a great deal to the people that are a part of it. I would consider myself a part of numerous communities but one that I especially value would be the community of snowboarders. I have had a passion for snowboarding since I was very young and my passion has only grown and matured more as I have gotten older. This passion originated from a Disney movie, “Johnny Tsunami”, where the main character is a young snowboarder who is very talented and brave. I would watch this movie every chance that I got and it summoned my love for the sport because I could not think of anything cooler than becoming snowboarder. In the movie there was one quote that stuck with me and is still an essential value to myself, “Go big or go home.” That has stuck with me my whole life; it gave me the courage to get on a snowboard, has helped me stomp my first tricks, and helped me overcome many fears of injuring myself. That quote will stay with me and will continue to help me become a better snowboarder. Becoming a part of this community made me realize that I can say that I can consider a stranger on a snowboard somewhat of a brother or sister, which might sound strange but there is a connection between two people that share the same passion.

The most important asset to every snowboarder that generates the passion for snowboarding is his or her snowboard. A snowboarder without a snowboard is like a soldier without a gun or a mom without a child, without it the title is deficient. The snowboard is the key to all the locked doors and with it you can reach unimaginable goals and keep the passion for the sport burning. I first got to experience the thrill of riding a snowboard when I was ten years old on a trip to Perfect North Slopes in Indiana with my best friend and his family of experienced skiers. My best friends mother insisted that I tried skiing before I got on a snowboard because snowboarding is apparently more difficult than skiing, which I found to be erroneous after falling several times on skis going down the bunny slope. After I traded my skis in for a snowboard the day became much more thrilling. The feeling I got from snowboarding on that day was almost as electrifying as the first time I fell in love, it was something that I continued think about everyday and no matter how badly it hurt me, I wanted go back for more. From that point on, each time I would hop off the ski lift it was like another adventure, and each time my love for it would grow.

Of course I wasn’t hitting frontside indy grabs or 5400’s from the get-go, which are semi-difficult moves that include a series of spins and grabs while gliding through the air after hitting a jump. Just like every newcomer to the sport I had my fair share of spills. Throughout my years of snowboarding I have knocked teeth out, broken my tailbone and arm several times, dislocated my shoulder, and have simply fallen so hard that it seemed the snow beneath my board turned into asphalt as I approached the impact zone. Even though I have suffered these injuries I have continued to go out and push myself to become a better snowboarder. The snowboard brings numerous values to the table, such as determination and patience but it all depends on the rider and the thrill they are searching for. For some riders, it is a simple way to escape from the world of stress and hard times and is just a good time relaxing, for others it is simply another outdoor adventure, and for the people for whom it is more than a hobby like myself,...
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