Differences Between Vacation on Mountain and Sea

Topics: Holidays, Recreation and Sports, Winter Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Differences between vacation on mountain and sea

Many people have different taste for things such as food, cars or music. The same thing is about vacations, some of them like mountain, some of them prefer sea. Even though they are both good for relaxing from stressful work days, they are quite different in terms such as price or the types of sport recreation. Vacation on the mountain has many advantages. Mountain tourism is about peace and quiet. This type of vacation provides several of sports activities such as hiking, skiing or cycling, so it doesn`t matter if it is spring, summer, fall or winter. The good thing about mountains is that they transform mountain, for different seasons of year in matter of days. That means when the season of skiing or some other winter sports finishes, they convert the tracks so you can do summer sports such as cycling or hiking. On the other hand sea vacation provides much better conditions for summer sports, but almost none for the winter sports. However, sea provides much bigger range of summer sports then mountain. So it is not awkward, that much more people prefer doing sports on sea then on the mountain. Vacation on mountain and sea are also different in entertainment. The amount of entertainment you can get by going on vacation on the sea is considerably bigger. Young people like to go to the sea because they can party all day and night. The clubs have much more programs to offer to young people. But entertainment is not strictly made for young people; there are a lot of cultural activities for older people such as theatre shows, movies or music concerts. When it comes to entertainment on the mountain it is very poor, besides couple of clubs and restaurants, there is not so much to give. The mountain vacation is based days programs and nights are only for people with very deep pocket. Those are not the only differences between these two types of vacation. Main distinction between these two is the price. Due to...
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