Mcbride Marketing Paper

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McBride Marketing Paper 1

McBride Marketing Paper

University of Phoenix

John I Henderson

November 15, 2010

McBride Marketing Paper 2

McBride Financial Services offers low cost mortgages for individuals in

Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota (Apollo Group, Inc., 2007).

McBride Financial Services will need to design a marketing plan so there are able to

reach out to individuals more likely to fit the profile of the type of consumer that their

services are created and designed to meet. McBride Financial Services will need to

complete the research in order to make sure that the marketing campaign designed for

them will be effective. Conducting consumer market research will allow McBride

Financial Services to study the buying habits of individual people. This will give them

the opportunity to market to certain types of individuals that are more likely to purchase

their service instead of wasting money advertising in a general region.

The type of research that needs to used at this point is to do a customer

satisfaction research poll. A customer satisfaction research poll will give businesses a

true understanding of how satisfied a customer is with the overall buying experience they

have had. It shows businesses where they can improve and it also shows them where they

can perform better. Selecting the right type of advertising is important for any business or

company. McBride Financial Services targets retirees, families and professionals so when

looking at this it is important that they choose these target audiences focus on. McBride

Financial Services studies have show that retirees are not interested in using the Internet

and more likely to read newspapers for their advertisements. Professionals are often the

ones that spend a lot of time using the Internet for things like research and business. The

last target audience is families and the best approach to reach them would be television

and radio.
McBride Marketing Paper 3

McBride Financial Services has many benefits from working with realtors

in the area to bring new clients in to use their services. You ask how this can be done.

Well it works by offering big incentives to potential homebuyers to use McBride

Financial Services to purchase their home. This method helps McBride Financial

Services gain a new homebuyer with its incredible services that makes the purchase of a

home a pleasant experience. McBride Financial Services is looking into expansion and

the best way is for it as a business is to look into Internet marketing. McBride Financial

Services would need to start off small by using Niche marketing. Using Niche marketing,

their services would only be available to professionals that are specially design to fit their

needs in the beginning but would expand once McBride Financial Services got enough

information to determine how well the use of online marketing worked and from there

design an online marketing plan to target other audiences. By doing this McBride

Financial Services can save a lot of money and time in the process and also see which

type of marketing best fit their budget needs?

McBride Financial Services is now poised to provide a service that is needed

by many future homeowners. With this in mind McBride Financial Services had to

change its marketing plan so it could reach those customers that were searching for a

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