Ad Analysis: Microsoft Surface

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Advertisment Essay

The advertisement I chose was an advertisement for the new Microsoft(TM) tablet called Surface. It is a commercial that gets its point across quickly, clocking in at exactly one minute and 37 seconds. The ad is quite effective in pulling the viewer in, with its ever-changing imagery. Being quick but full of information is a working formula that does a lot of good to help sell the product. Comes in, tells you what the product is all about, and leaves. This allows the information to just "burn into the brain" of the viewers.

Before I break down this commercial, allow me to explain exactly what the Surface is: It is a touch-screen monitor that is thin in width and meant for on-the-go multimedia access. Here is an example photo:

Attached at the base of the tablet is the touch cover which is optional if you decide to purchase the tablet. It is used like your standard laptop keyboard with the exception that there are no buttons; you just touch the perceived letter and it registers on the screen. There is also an optional type cover which is a thinner version of your standard keyboard. Towards the bottom of the cover is a track pad used like what you would on a laptop.You will also notice there is something supporting this contraption. It is a kick-stand that is attached to the tablet itself. When use of the Surface is done, the unit folds up like a book, touch/type cover and all to help protect the screen.

Now that you have an idea of the product being advertised, lets begin breaking the commercial down. The title of the the ad is Microsoft Surface: Learn More. The main idea is that it is showing off the product, its accessories, and what it can do. Learn More begins by showing the title "Surface" in thin, proper letters. Next, it almost instantly jumps to a shot of the folded form of the product followed by someone grabbing it and opening it. During this sequence, a presumably female voice narrates "Welcome to Surface....
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