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Skill-Development Exercise 1: Improving Attitudes and Personality Traits By: jamie lynch
Identify strengths and weaknesses. Review the six self-assessment exercises in this chapter. List your three major strengths and areas that can be improved: Strengths:
* I step forward and take charge in leaderless situations

* I’m dependable; when I say I will do something, it’s done well and on time.

* I think well under pressure with problem solving and love to motivate and positively help others to do the same

Areas to Improve:

* Need for power, I always feel the need to take charge and control; I feel ideas are always the more sensible one

* I am sometimes emotionally unstable; my feelings are all over the place

* I become negative and complain when things don’t go as I planned

I feel my number one area of improvement would be #1, my need for power and to be in control at all times. My husband is someone is quick to point out my need to control and run everything and that I don’t listen and downplay his ideas. Furthermore, I run an in home daycare so I don’t interact much with people to get their ideas. In this personality flaw of mine I can combine my strength of being a leader and continue applying it at all times but practice being more sensitive to other people’s views. I can learn convey a better interest in other people ideas, be flexible and open to negotiation. So I think my best time to try and implement my plans is in February when my husband returns from deployment. We normally unwind and recap our day and discuss business between 7-8pm, right before we get ready for bed. At that time when my husband expresses any ideas that he have, I will try to be more sensitive, and optimistic to his views. Another weakness of mine would be that I can sometimes become emotionally unstable and my feelings can go from “0-60” within seconds depending on different situations. With looking at the fact that I need a clear head as...
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