Interparte Richard Layard Statement-That Happiness Comes from Outside and Within.

Positive psychology, Socialization, Optimism


Richard Layard stated that happiness comes from outside and within, explain this statement, drawing on appropriate evidence from chapters 3 and 5 of the course book.

In this assignment I will be explaining the above statements. There are

many factors which contribute to our overall happiness . Optimistic

Thinking, focusing on our strengths and blessings gives us contentment

From within. Our roles in life our work our friends , social groups all

Contribute to our happiness from the outside. There are also biological

factors to take in to account, as our genetic makeup is different, some

People may have genes which produce more serotonin than others, but

regardless of all these factors we can all take steps to improve our

happiness. Eating fresh foods and simple carbohydrates boost serotonin

Levels, doing exercise, meditating, showing gratitude and making contact

with good friends. I will continue to show you research and experiments carried out by physiologist, in the factors that increase our happiness.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” (Shakespeare 2005 cited in Spoors .et. al. 2007).This quote from Shakespeare suggest our thinking makes something to be good or bad. Research has found optimists are generally healthier, recover faster from surgery and are likely to live longer . A study carried out by Maruto and colleges (2002 cited in Spoors. et . al 2007 ) in Minnesota, selected 839 patients that had referred themselves into the Mayo clinic, 40 years previously and submitted themselves to many test including pessimistic thinking .Results showed 200 patients died by the year 2000. The optimists had 19% greater longevity than the pessimists....
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