Ethical Lens Inventory

Topics: Virtue, Thought, Role Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Ethical Lens Inventory

I’ve always thought of myself as a people person and this Ethical Lens Inventory confirms my pervious thinking. My preferred ethical lens view point is reputational lens. This means I use my intuition to determine what character traits best serve the community. Through this ethical lens inventory I learned that my blind spot is unrealistic role expectations. I can see this in my everyday life as I find myself disappointed when people do not perform the duties or task I think they should base on their assigned roles. My expectations are strictly based on titles or roles. It can be difficult for me to take into consideration outside influences or remember that all individuals are fallible. My strengths are fortitude and sometimes a form of compassion. I am resilient when faced with obstacles and work hard to overcome them. I find myself drawn to people who work the same as I do. Because of the high value I place on equality I can demonstrate compassion for others. I care about the community as a whole but also care about individual members. My weakness can be confusion, especially if a role changes or has to be redefined. I am seeing that now in my own personal life. My children are living with their father and my role as mother has changed. It is no longer the same role as what I saw growing up in my home or neighborhood. I am now a long distance parent and mother from afar. My role has been is being redefined and it is confusing. My valves are equality and sensibility. These two core values allow me to strive to be truthful, just in the treatment of others, and show civility in my actions by respecting others. This also allows me to be courageous striving to follow all the attributes aforementioned even when others will not.
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